Episode 162 – Dick on Parasites

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Mike Cernovich calls in to talk about getting Jeffrey Epstein arrested and the “Lolita Express”, Dame Pesos and Karl from “Who Are These Podcasts” bring clips of the final episode of The Best Debate in the Universe and we make fun of it, my contingency plans for getting molested by the TSA, getting Alzheimer’s, and getting reincarnated, Null calls in to have a white discussion about White Privilege, a thot-ful journalist gets trolled by a Dickhead, a conduit of money, a continuum of food, Nintendo bones me again, an average day in the life of the ultimate millennial, the cognitive dissonance of ho’s, and Road Rage: Minnesota; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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“The Best Debate in the Universe” ended yesterday and with it, Maddox, the character, has died. Going out the way he came in, with a whimper and an apology, and a deep sense that he didn’t belong. Professional podcast reviewer, Karl from “Who Are These Podcasts” and professional shitter on things Dame Pesos call in to send off “The Best Debate in the Universe” in a way befitting a show packed with cringe and shame and forced chuckles and jokes that failed to launch; with mean-spirited mockery. And in the mockery, we encountered a mystery that hopefully you can help us solve.

In our first clip, Maddox makes a strange comment, an allusion to the topic of a future bonus episode: parasites. Parasites, leeches, tapeworms, and the antibiotics that he may or may not have to deal with them. Here is the video in question:

Half of the us think Maddox was talking about literal medical problems he’s having involving tapeworms and stomach parasites and whatever else grows inside the body of a broke 40-year-old man who likely eats garbage for more than one meal a week. However, the other half of us, think the always Dick-less and now Maddox-less George was making a thickly-veiled and awkwardly-executed slight or threat against yours truly. But what do you think?

To help settle this debate, we’re going to have to vote on it. If you think George was stupidly and suicidally making a limp-dicked, ineffectual threat against me in a desperate attempt to look like he has more than air left in his sack, implying that I’m a parasite or a tapeworm feeding on the shit in his stomach, head to https://madcastmedia.com/shows/bestdebate/138/ and vote yellow, “He makes you feel better about yourself.”

If you think Maddox was being true to form, and pointlessly shilling a future bonus episode that probably will never exist, but that would cover several gross and meandering stories about his various stomach viruses and bugs, tapeworms and shitworms and whatever other type of pestilence the only man in LA without a car suffers with day-to-day, head to https://madcastmedia.com/shows/bestdebate/138/ and vote orange-red, “Calves”.

We’ll reveal the results next week, but the voting will stay open until the credit card Maddox has on file for his hosting account is inevitably declined and the last trace of the Internet’s biggest failure is erased for good. But first…

I guess the only thing you really need to run the world is a nanny cam and a teenage prostitute. At least that’s what I’ve learned from Jeffrey Epstein and the “Lolita Express”. Mike Cernovich comes on the show to talk about his lawsuit that unsealed the court records for Jeffrey Epstein’s child molestation conviction, and thusly caused his immediate arrest. Whether you hate the guy or hate his politics or just find his tactics appalling, there’s no taking this one away from him. Dude caused the arrest of an untouchable billionaire by simply putting his head down and moving the stone. He will forever be a hero to many for this one.

If you hate pedophiles, and you want to help Cernovich drain the swamp, here is a link to his legal GoFundMe to Unseal the Deals!.

And here is, “Facial recognition technology may be coming to porn – and these men can’t wait” by Sarah Manavis, the sumptuous reporter who got trolled by “Michael”, and the accompanying
reddit thread about it.

“Eulogy (Maddox is Dead)” by Elay Arson

“Hello George” by KenDollInHide

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