Episode 241 – Dick on Insurrection

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I eat a tub of cookie dough, the perils of shaving your ugly face, THOTs posting pictures of themselves in Dubai, rolling your own cigarettes, the pros of Trump being banned on Twitter, taking over the capitol and Opposite Day, Vito’s podcast, two teenagers sexting, Ari’s ex with the foot fetish, Cantillions and Matt fight, the Danish giant penis cartoon, turning a prostitute into a housewife; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

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Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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A new WATP/TDS crossover episode is here! Check it out at patreon.com/TheDickShow or Patreon.com/WhoAreThesePodcasts. Just because the bonus episode is exclusive, doesn’t mean you have to be! We bring in some select clips from “Frenemies”, “The Fat Feminist Witch”, and everyone’s favorite failure, “F*ck Whales”. Learn all about moon magic and how to trick a man into getting you pregnant and still look at yourself in the mirror. Wow! But first…

“Curious isn’t it that you are allowed to execute me in front of a firing squad, but I can’t do the same to you! We live in a society.”

There was never really a point in the absurdity. Maybe it’s just that the joke is getting stale.

“Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s Ma’am, bigot!”

Setup. Punchline. That’s how it goes. And when you start to notice the pattern, it doesn’t make you feel anything anymore. Then you have to flip the joke on its head. Present the unexpected.

“They say that Trump guy was a pretty bad president?”

“How bad was he!?”

“The original first amendment can still legally be passed by 27 states and it would annihilate the influence of lobbyists over Congress and put the power back in the hands of the people. It’s something that every single protest group can and should support and Congress already passed it in 1789. They can’t take legally take it back. They’re fucked. It’s just a matter of marketing, and time. And we have both. And we will win.”

That’s called subverting expectations. It’s why guys like Sam Hyde and Nathan Fielder and Andrew Jackson are funny. You got used to it. And you got lazy. And you didn’t see that one coming.

They won’t either.

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