Episode 283 – Dick on Fat Body Erasure

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Right-clicking NFTs and other FUD, Tess Holiday fights fat body erasure by wearing the world’s unluckiest bikini, my dog is sexually harassed at the park, Chris the Kiwi meets an autistic escort and gets reviewed, most college applicants lie about their race, inflation hits strip clubs, a citizen journalist is raided by the FBI, and the Lego “ox” collection; all that and more this week on The Dick show!

A new episode of The Biggest Problem in the Universe is up! Join Vito and I as we argue about: Chargers Not Included, Gun Control, Armchair Mechanics, and Premature E-Trackulation. Vote on the problems, especially mine, and support the show at Patreon.com/BiggestProblem, but first…

Get your Christmas NFT shopping done!

Dick Pics

“Sean’s Dance” by Bateater

Thumbnail of the people you meet when you’re getting your experimental DNA scrambler by protski.