Episode 285 – Dick on Due to Inflation

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Nick Rekieta calls in about the Rittenhouse case, Ryan Long and Danny Polishchuk are in-studio, Stone Toss sells out of NFTs, inflation jokes, pet insurance, crossing state lines, different-sex gay relationships, and women transitioning to fatter women; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Nick Rekieta
Lawyer and Dickhead Nick Rekieta breaks down Maddox's lolsuit, Patreon.
Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
Ryan Long
Comedian. Internet Tattle Tale.
Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
Danny Polishchuk
Comedian. Made a movie about Rob Ford. Twitter.
Is a Rage!

Not a Rage.
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There is a new WATP/TDS crossover episode out at Patreon.com/TheDickShow and the crypto Patreon. Join Karl, Sean, and I as we review “ADHD for Smart Ass Women”. Did you know that pretty much every annoying thing women do can be attributed to ADHD? Well you will after listening to this shit. We also watch five minutes of Patty C Cups’ standup routine–which has a soundtrack! And slog through three more soul-destroying chapters of F*ck Whales.

But wait there’s more!

This week also marks Week 1 of my Big Dick Show Flurk Giveaway! Stone Toss sold out of Flurks, his one-of-a-kind NFT arts, in about 22 minutes. I would know, I bought the first five and the last five–WHICH MEANS I BOUGHT TOO MANY FLURKS.

For Christmas, I’ll be giving away one Stone Toss NFT to a Dick Show Patroni every week. Now that Flurks are banned from OpenSea and Rarible, and making them illegal memes, they’re even more valuable and kino and keto. I can’t do a raffle on Patreon, so I’m doing some contests. This week’s contest: The Sean Dance, will be judged this Sunday. To enter, go to Patreon.com/TheDickShow, but first…

Why do conservatives drive in a parkway, but liberals park in a driveway?

No that’s no good.

Why do conservatives park in a driveway, but liberals want conservatives dead?


Why do liberals want conservatives dead, but conservatives can’t stop pointing out the HYPOCRISY???

Yeah that’s the ticket.

All hail Kyle Rittenhouse, medic, Rambo, defender of gas stations. I watched his interview on Tucker Carlson and was overwhelmed with how absolutely nothing like Greta Thunberg he was. Passionate. Honorable. Speaking straight from the heart with the wisdom of a mere child and nothing like the soulless automaton and shill for corporate interests trained by her parents and PR agents and accessories. Why I bet Tucker Carlson didn’t even have to do that many takes or reshoots to get some of those answers out.

My favorite thing about children is how honest they are and we should really listen to them more often. Can you believe what Kyle said about the FBI? FBI BTFO’ed eternally. Cowboys: 1, FBI: 0. They’ll think twice before staging the next Deep State government coup, I’ll tell you that much.

Liberals are the real racists.

Kids, kids, kids, kids, kids…

For example, I support BLM.

Shut it down.

The floodgates of hell are opened. Demons have begun a never-ending migration into the world around us, where they will be corrupted and enslaved and taught to worship death and the value of their labor will be fed into an endless stockpile of wealth and humility. The only safe space on Earth is a place called Bitcoin city, built on a volcano where the light of God is still warm, powered by bonds and failure. You never thought you could live in a city powered by failure, but now you can.

The blockchain is the only thing that can adn will protect the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth, and thirteenth amendments. Look at what a programmable and automated system of people did to Stone Toss a matter of hours after he became a multi millionaire. But his art lives on, unmolested, un-JoJo’ed, in the blockchain.

Death to America. Long live Bitcoin City.

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