Episode 289 – Dick on Floydies

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Boobs so big they turn you Italian, a special Dick Show George Floyd NFT giveaway, fat Beauty and the Beast, a guide on being a cuck, a guy with a blood fetish, an idiot stops a human trafficking, a fake tom boy, the new c-word, and my dog starts her period; all that and more this week on The Dick Show

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Another year of idiocy has come and gone. Million dollar jpegs, presidential spokes-dogs, sacrificing warrior children, cats and dogs living together. What did we learn today?

The future belongs to the slime. The slimekin. Their pronouns are slime/slime. They enjoy pizza and lockdowns and furry weirjes. They are distributed. They are about to make a big announcement. Don’t go to school tomorrow. You were always one of the good ones.

The dollar belongs to the meek. The future belongs to the infinitely malleable. The quantum components of human psyche that have beat beaten into parts and then into liquid and then into the indivisible; the ungovernable.

There is nothing left of the old world. A archive.org link to an aggressive polemic about a middle-aged man whose wife cheats on him. And he loves it. It makes his dick hard. And he engages in Sperm Wars on Craig’s List, which he capitalizes incorrectly and is ready at any moment to violently lash out at imaginary detractors. Frozen in time. This is of no value to the slime and exists only as an epitaph to an imaginary world.

The Metaverse is retarded. The future is Floyd.

Dick Pics